Our Peer Specialist/Coaches

Our Coaches have completed training in the Combined Core Competencies for Colorado’s Peer Specialists/Recovery Coaches. Competencies like a) Knowledge of Mental Health/Substance Use Conditions and Treatments b) Resiliency, Recovery and Wellness c) Ethics and d) Resources. They are dedicated, and their motivation comes from a desire to give back to the community from which they came. The most common statement heard from Our Peer Coaches is “if only I had had a Peer Coach when I was on my recovery path.” They say it would have been faster. We take pride in knowing that our team of professionals lead a pro social lifestyle themselves and are dedicated to providing person-centered, strength-based care to their Clients.

What is Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching is an individualized recovery-focused service that empowers Clients to manage their own recovery while encouraging hope, resilience and responsibility. More specifically, Peer Coaches provide supportive services that assist with community integration for the purpose of whole health wellness. Emphasis is placed on personal safety, self-worth, confidence, growth, community engagement, boundary setting, planning, self-advocacy, personal fulfillment and communication skills. Special attention is given to the acquisition, development and expansion of rehabilitative skills needed to build a firm foundation of recovery.*


  • A Motivator and Cheerleader exhibits bold faith in individual/family capacity for change; encourages and celebrates achievement*
  • An Ally and Confidant genuinely cares, listens and can be trusted with confidences*
  • A Truth-Teller provides a consistent source of honest feedback regarding self-destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and acting*
  • A Role Model and Mentor offers his/her life as living proof of the transformative power of recovery; provides stage-appropriate recovery education and advice*
  • A Problem Solver identifies and helps resolve personal and environmental obstacles to recovery*
  • A Resource Broker links individuals/families to formal and indigenous sources of sober housing, recovery-conducive employment, health and social services, and recovery support*
  • An Advocate helps individuals and families navigate the service system assuring service access, service responsiveness and protection of rights*
  • A Community Organizer helps develop and expand available recovery support resources*
  • A Lifestyle Consultant assists individuals/families to develop sobriety-based rituals of daily living*

* The History and Future of Peer Based Addiction Recovery Support Services. William White, 2004

Responsibilities and Qualifications of a P2P Coach

A P2P Peer coach facilitates relationships and serves as a link between the agency, parents, guardians, natural supports, other service providers, and the community. The coach will meet with a recoveree and prioritize the Individuals plan to focus on specific issues. The plan remains recoveree centered, and recoveree focused and is a collaboration with an addiction’s counselor. P2P provides its resources, a coach, the accumulation of community partnerships, groups- clinical and peer run, counseling, sober social interaction, on and on. The recoveree brings their earnest desire and the challenging road to recovery now is not as daunting and is quicker and with hope. Peer coaching is not a desk job. P2P provides recoverees and assigns them to a coach based on general compatibility factors. The coaches then meet with the recoveree face to face in the community multiple days during a week. P2P coaches choose how many recoverees they want to work with at a time and are responsible for managing their own weekly schedule.


  • Must have at minimum 2 years of sobriety
  • Must agree to periodic random drug test- i.e., the P.f.P.2.P.P
  • Must be well established in your own recovery and self-identify as an individual with life experience of Mental Health and/or substance use disorder.
  • Must have completed Peer Specialist training and have completion certificates from Industry recognized curriculum’s that meet the Colorado Behavioral
  • Health Council Core Competencies standards.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must pass a criminal background check
  • Must own a reliable vehicle
  • Must have a valid Colorado driver’s license
  • Must have valid and current Colorado automobile insurance with acceptable liability coverage
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency
  • Are not a family member of the individual who receives Peer Support services
  • Must be dependable, reliable, and effectively able to deliver the services


  • Complete documentation of services including a daily report describing the client interactions, the time spent performing the interactions and the effectiveness of these interactions and obtaining the Clinical overview approval signature by our Clinical staff.
  • Ensure that all documentation is accurate and reflective of services and completed on time as defined by the agency’s policy and state guidelines
  • Attend periodic supervision meetings and complete tasks as assigned by Supervisor
  • Provide input into a clients plan modification with the P2P treatment teams, as needed
  • Ensure confidentiality regarding sensitive material ensuring HIPAA Compliance
  • Ensure individual rights to privacy, and protected health information for the person receiving services
  • Perform all duties with a spirit of Teamwork`