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P2P Recovery Resources | A Colorado Medicaid Provider


Our integrated treatment and recovery network prioritizes evidence-based approaches, supports multiple pathways to recovery, and customized treatment choices to accommodate diverse client needs.

How we help

New clients at P2P are brought into a community. P2P is predominantly peer run. A community that is inclusive, safe, and mindful of the apprehension and vulnerability one feels when stepping into recovery. You will work directly with a coach and get to know other coaches and recoverees by participating in groups and other pro-social activities. We have recoverees from various backgrounds and situations. We work with you in creating connection to the greater human experience and leave behind the loneliness and isolation that is addiction. Welcome!

Peer Coaching

A proven, individualized recovery-focused service that empowers people to manage their recovery while encouraging hope, resilience, and responsibility. More specifically, a peer coach helps people with the gritty, day-to-day process of overcoming addiction.

  • Individual coaching with your personal coach
  • Pro social activities- explore your interests and build community in the community
  • Transportation assistance

Peer Run Recovery Based Support Groups

  • Open Forum- recoveree directed topics facilitated by a P2P recovery coach
    • 2 hours
  • Spiritual Wellness- non-denominational spiritual topics 
    • 2 hours
  • Meditation- practice complementary mind-body coping techniques facilitated by a peer coach with specialized training.
    • 1 ½ hours
  • Art classes- create art with fellow recoverees in a sober studio environment
    • 2 hours

Clinical Services

Clinical Services – facilitated by a licensed and experienced substance use counselor.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program- IOP– provides weekly structure for those needing support in early recovery
    • 12-week program
    • 9 hours per week
    • 3- 3hr group sessions per week
    • 1 individual treatment plan counseling session per week
    • Weekly UA monitoring
  • Referrals to more intensive treatment if needed

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A Tool for Guidance

All humans aspire to have meaning in their lives. We use this wonderful tool to keep us mindful of what those facets are so that our coaching efforts are focused and client centered. We want steady refinement from our coaches as they mature in the art of coaching. When they set out each day to see our clients this graphic is a guiding tool to utilize for measuring success. And they can ask themselves, ‘have I, as a coach, enhanced someone’s life today’?

Get Started

Are you read to take the first step to recovery?

Call the admissions line to speak to our intake coordinator, address next steps and schedule an intake.

Call us at 303.524.9231 or click here to begin your confidential application.

Below Are The Requirements To Become a P2P Client.

We work with adults 18 years or older who willingly acknowledges:

  •  I am a person who needs supportive services to overcome my substance misuse 
  •  I am a person who will actively participate in my own recovery
  •  I am a person who is committed to my recovery and leading a substance free life

YES. P2P can serve those 18 years old and over.

If you have Medicaid all of our services are Medicaid billable. If you do not have Medicaid and are eligible, we can help you enroll. If you are not eligible for Medicaid, we provide a fee for services schedule.

No. Currently, we are a licensed provider for Medicaid, but we are not licensed for Medicare.

New clients are not committing to a program per se. Our clients come to P2P motivated to achieve a goal of sobriety. P2P offers our services but it is always a client’s choice as to how much or how little they are involved. Coaching only, coaching and groups, counseling only etc. *Exception: INSPIREp2p  and IOP are group programs that require a commitment to participate however it is the recoverees choice to join or not to join these groups.

Yes, as long as you are working closely with your MAT provider. We support all paths of recovery.

We can help you connect to a detox center or appropriate services before we schedule an intake.

Yes, individual addictions counseling telehealth services can be arranged.

A P2P Recovery Coach can work with you to accommodate your needs.

Call us and we can help navigate options with you.

We can accommodate any client with a physical disability. However, we are not licensed to treat mental disabilities.

We provide substance misuse treatment and will connect you with a Recovery Coach that can also help you navigate a wide range of available resources from housing ie: transitional, day shelters, sober living, employment programs, LBGTQ services, food banks, obtaining birth certificates, IDs and social security cards, disability services and more.