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P2P Recovery Resources | A Colorado Medicaid Provider

Welcome to P2P Recovery Resources

Peer support with integrated treatment services for those seeking assurance, honesty, and encouragement while navigating the process of recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to hearten the disheartened and embolden those purposefully seeking recovery from substance misuse. Informed with experience, the team at P2P aspires to serve the Denver metro community of recoverees. We are a compassionate, intentional, no-nonsense agency that fiercely believes you can achieve recovery and lead a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Our Community

At P2P, your peer recovery coach will facilitate relationships and serve as a link between the agency, clinical and other providers, family and community. As a recoveree seeking support, you can expect a P2P coach to meet you in your community. You will be paired with a coach based on general compatibility and begin a 1:1 relationship. There is no preconceived agenda. A peer recovery coach recognizes every individual has a unique set of goals.

We champion an integrated approach that supports multiple pathways to recovery and puts people in charge of their treatment choices. The connection is in empathy, hope, and sharing experiences with those that have walked a similar path

Our Services

As a community within a community, P2P provides multiple layers of care in support of a recoveree’s individual path.

Peer Coaching in Colorado

Peer Coaching

Recovery Based Support Groups in Colorado

Recovery Based
Support Groups

Clinical Services in Colorado

Clinical Services

Client Testimonials

I am so grateful to have been introduced to this place and the wonderful individuals in here. P2P has helped me open my eyes and mind to living a sober life. Something I had no idea about doing. I have learned how to deal with uncomfortable emotions that I used to hide with my drug use. Every time I have dealt with a stressful situation and deal with the tools I have learned, makes me realize I can get through anything sober with the right tools and support systems such as P2P.
Renee C.
"P2P was referred to me by Denver Cares after I spent the night there and got a list of places to check out for some further support in society. I spoke with Jolene who was open to seeing me the morning I was released which is a testament to the amount she wants to help her clients. There has a been support with everyone Ive worked with here at P2P. My peer coaches have been very open to hearing about what I am going through as well as expressing patience when I am not as open to receiving information/support. I started in February at the request of my PO who they have been in contact with, letting the state know of my participation and engagement. Very nice people here, tolerant and enduring. "
Sterling W.
"The P2P program has been very helpful for me. It is a relatively small staff, so I have built strong relationships. Group facilitators are extremely well informed and have excellent communication skills. The material taught is very relevant and exciting. The moral support is very strong. Staff is welcoming, caring and open to helping. The recovery coaches are great!"
Anastasia S.

Our Peer Coaches share a unique understanding of recovery employing their own experiences.