Welcome to P2P Recovery Resources

Peer Support Services for those Seeking Assurance, Honesty, and Encouragement

Goal Setting

Providing accountability and establishing goals that support the treatment plan focus

Connection and Socialization

Offering guidance in developing new behavior patterns, finding community supports, and physical exercise

Relapse Prevention

We assist in harm reduction for addictive behaviors. Helping participants rebuild sober community support and healthy replacement behaviors

Career Advice

We direct people the right resources. This can range from housing, employment or navigating the safety net system

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

We meet you where you are. As a prospective client seeking support services from P2P, you can expect a P2P Coach coming to you in your community. Expect to be paired with a Coach based on general compatibility factors and to begin a 1 on 1 personal relationship.

What Is Peer Coaching?

A Motivator and Cheerleader

exhibits bold faith in individual/family capacity for change; encourages and celebrates achievement

An Ally and Confidant

genuinely cares, listens and can be trusted with confidences

A Role Model and Mentor

offers his/her life as living proof of the transformative power of recovery; provides stage-appropriate recovery education and advice

A Resource Broker

links individuals/families to formal and indigenous sources of sober housing, recovery-conducive employment, health and social services, and recovery support

The History and Future of Peer Based Addiction Recovery Support Services. William White, 2004

About Bruce

Bruce has lived in Colorado for 6 years following a corporate career in project management and small business ownership in NC and GA. At this point in his career, he knew his professional fulfillment would be realized by starting a company that could contribute to the quality of life for humans, a direct contribution to the human spirit. He was inspired by a successful model in NC that did just that, put 2 people together with a very challenging endeavor- conquering addiction, homelessness, mental challenges, past mistakes, and bad luck for those humans volunteering to recover themselves. He believes humans are inherently spiritual, inherently good and most have ambitions to be productive and to manifest good things.

The P2P Method

Schedule a 1:1

P2P Recovery Resources provides a shame-free environment that encourages open discussions for those who turn to us for help and great care is put into coach/
client pairing by utilizing multiple compatibility factors.


Choose Your Plan

On your first visit we will provide you with a needs assessment to help us learn more about your goals, develop your “person centered“ recovery plan and
determine the coach that is right for you.

Reach Your Goals

Once paired, your coach will meet you face-to-face in your community, establishing a one-on one partnership that offers you measurable outcomes.

Still Have Questions?