A P2P Peer Coach

A P2P Peer coach facilitates relationships and serves as a link between the agency, parents, guardians, natural supports, other service providers, and the community. The coach will meet with a recoveree and prioritize the Individuals plan to focus on specific issues. The plan remains recoveree centered, and recoveree focused and is a collaboration with an addiction’s counselor. P2P provides its resources, a coach, the accumulation of community partnerships, groups- clinical and peer run, counseling, sober social interaction, on and on. The recoveree brings their earnest desire and the challenging road to recovery now is not as daunting and is quicker and with hope. Peer coaching is not a desk job. P2P provides recoverees and assigns them to a coach based on general compatibility factors. The coaches then meet with the recoveree face to face in the community multiple days during a week. P2P coaches choose how many recoverees they want to work with at a time and are responsible for managing their own weekly schedule. 



Must have at minimum 2 years of sobriety

Must agree to periodic random drug test- i.e., the P.f.P.2.P.P 

Must be well established in your own recovery and self-identify as an individual with life experience of Mental Health and/or substance use disorder.

Must have completed Peer Specialist training and have completion certificates from Industry recognized curriculum’s that meet the Colorado Behavioral Health Council Core Competencies standards.

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must pass a criminal background check

Must own a reliable vehicle

Must have a valid Colorado driver’s license

Must have valid and current Colorado automobile insurance with acceptable liability coverage

Must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency

Are not a family member of the individual who receives Peer Support services

Must be dependable, reliable, and effectively able to deliver the services


Complete documentation of services including a daily report describing the client interactions, the time spent performing the interactions and the effectiveness of these interactions and obtaining the Clinical overview approval signature by our Clinical staff.

Ensure that all documentation is accurate and reflective of services and completed on time as defined by the agency’s policy and state guidelines

Attend periodic supervision meetings and complete tasks as assigned by Supervisor

Provide input into a clients plan modification with the P2P treatment teams, as needed

Ensure confidentiality regarding sensitive material ensuring HIPAA Compliance

Ensure individual rights to privacy, and protected health information for the person receiving services

Perform all duties with a spirit of Teamwork`




The State of Colorado requires peer recovery coaches to obtain training for competencies in:

Advocacy, Mentoring and Education, Recovery/Wellness Support & Ethical Responsibility

P2P offers the educational training in these competencies using the CCAR curriculum. Upon completion of the pertinent modules a participant is awarded Certificates of Completion that are equal to 60+ CEUs. 60 CEUs qualify the participant to sit for a CCAR review board exam which in turn, if passed, earns an International Association of Recovery Coach Professionals- IARCP designation. The 60 CEUs from the CCAR curriculum are also recognized as fulfilling the educational requirements to pursue a Colorado Certified Peer & Family Specialist, CPFS, designation. The Colorado CFPS designation also requires other criteria to be met. Specifically, a) 500 hours of volunteer or paid work experience and b) 25 hours of supervision. With these credentials in hand the participant can sit for the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium, IC&RC peer exam which is administered in Colorado by Colorado Providers Association, COPA. Upon passing the IA&RC exam the participant is a Certified Peer & Family Specialist. 

P2P currently has scholarships available that cover the costs and application fee associated with the CCAR curriculum. Two criteria must be met to be granted a P2P scholarship. A) Must live or work in the Denver Metro area and b) must have had personal justice involvement in your past. 

Call or submit a request below to apply for a P2P scholarship or to sign up for a cohort. The upcoming classes are published on our calendar within. Here are the relevant links to more information about the various entities that are referred to above.


Intensive Outpatient Program   IOP

12 weeks of structured curriculum in a focused skill set group to support for those needing in early recovery

Our IOP is facilitated by experienced substance use clinicians with backgrounds in the field and a passion for helping and supporting people on their recovery journey. 

Groups are from 4:30pm to 7:30: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings.

Program totaling 9 hours per week, for 12 weeks total

Weekly UA monitoring

Weekly individual sessions with an addiction’s counselor

Weekly one on one sessions to support what is being taught in group and to tailor an individual treatment plan that is unique to each client. Additional one on one sessions are provided as needed or as requested. 

We used evidence-based modalities such as DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and MI (motivational interviewing)  

Group curriculum consists of goal setting, overcoming challenges in early recovery, stress management, repairing relationships and codependency, emotional explorations, unhealthy thinking patterns, distress tolerance and mindfulness, understanding the nervous system in recovery and relapse prevention. 

P2P accepts Medicaid, call our admissions line to speak to our intake coordinator, address next steps and schedule an intake. Please leave a message and a call back number if the line is busy and we will call you back as soon as possible. 720.642.6354 x 4 or 303.524.9231



Community groups 

Groups led by trained and certified peers, open forum, spiritual groups, art groups. 

Clinical led group with addiction recovery skills focused topics

Individual addiction counseling 

One on one sessions and individual treatment plans to explore recovery and underlining causes of substance use disorder